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Be the Boss for a Day Program

Friday May 13th, 2016

The Community Futures Development Corporation in partnership and GIAG Employment Services are excited to announce a collaborative effort for a Be the Boss day program to be rolled out in Alexandria on May 11, 2016.

On Wednesday May 11, 2016 15 students from Glengarry District High School will be paired with 11 local businesses to participate in the Be the Boss Day Program.

Be the Boss Day Program is designed as a career exploration day to help students envision what it is like to own a business.  Students are paired with local entrepreneurs and spend the day in the life of a business owner.  The project allows students to learn what it is like to run a business therefore allowing students to consider entrepreneurship as a future career option.

Lynn Lee the Youth Coordinator at CFDC has said:

“The goal of this program is to light the spark of curiosity in our students. On May 11th, they will get exposure to things that they simply can’t get inside the classroom.”

Rebecca McKay teacher at Glengarry District High School has said:

“This program is a fantastic way for kids to experience a taste of the real world.  I’m so pleased that our local businesses are willing to allow our students to participate in the “Be the Boss” for a day program.  My hope is that our students are inspired by their experiences and will be motivated to become their own bosses in the future.”

Lisa Dingemans Job Developer at GIAG Employment Services has said:

“Today’s youth face enough with peer pressures, living up to expectations of parents and face many other barriers to employment.  Programs like this will allow them to open horizons and see the work world from the top end in hopes to light up a spark in entrepreneurs of the future.  Giving them opportunity to learn about various employment opportunities in our community with amazing partners in a non-threatening environment will give them a great positive hands on work experience thanks to our great partnerships with amazing employers that have welcomed this program with open arms.”

Lesley Lang, Executive Director at CFDC said:

“Everyday our students and our children spread their dreams beneath our feet. It is our job to create the circumstances where those dreams may flourish and grow.”

For more information, please call

Lynn Lee at (613) 932-4333 ext.104.

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