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Be the Boss Program/Farm to Fridge

Tuesday April 5th, 2016

The Cornwall & the Counties Community Futures Development Corporation in partnership with St. Matthew Catholic Secondary School, Biemond Upper Canada Creamery and All Things Food Network are excited to announce a collaborative effort for the Be The Boss Program to be held on Monday April 11 (10am to 1pm) at Biemond Upper Canada Creamery in Iroquois, Ontario.

On Monday April 11, 2016 35 students from St. Matthew Catholic Secondary School will be bussed to Biemond Upper Canada Creamery, 11575 Waddell Road, Iroquois, Ontario, to participate in the Be The Boss Day Program.

Be the Boss Day Program is designed as a career exploration day to help students envision what it is like to own a business. Students are paired with local entrepreneurs and spend the day in the life of a business owner. The project allows students to learn what it is like to run a business therefore allowing students to consider entrepreneurship as a future career option.

Biemond Upper Canada Creamery is a small family owned on-farm business. The farm has been organic for 25 years. Their focus is to provide a sustainable and healthy lifestyle for future generations and to produce a product that integrates their passion for healthy living and community involvement. They strive to provide an onsite transparent approach to the local public, closing the gap from farm to the fridge.

“As a Youth Co-ordinator I see this as an incredible opportunity to introduce the students to the lush and diverse agricultural community which makes up a large part of SDG.” Lynn Lee Youth Coordinator at CFDC

“We are proud to have the opportunity to share our passion for organic farming and show our community that there is an integral relationship between the farm and the fridge. We are excited to have a facility open to the public where they can come and watch, ask questions, and learn how important it is to know where their food comes from and that processing doesn’t have to be a complicated, large scale operation. It is an experience that will hopefully encourage today’s youth that it is still possible to take a vision and turn it into a successful reality.”   Upper Canada Creamery Co-Owner

“This Be The Boss initiative allows for authentic learning within our local community. These real life experiences help our students think beyond the classroom to consider how they can contribute to their local community in the future. We really appreciate local businesses opening their doors to our school community as well.” Joy Martel Principal

“Our local food system offers countless career opportunities.  We consider this initiative an excellent way of introducing youth to unique agri-food system entrepreneurship possibilities.” Kat Rendek, All Things Food Network Coordinator

For more information please call Lynn Lee at (613) 703 9855

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