Cornwall & The Counties Community Futures Development Corporation

Application Process

Applications will only be considered once the completed application and budget, together with all supporting documents are received. An electronic version and a paper copy of all documents must be submitted.

Applications will be accepted during intake period: February 1st, 2018 to April 1st, 2018

Our application form is now available online.

Approval Process

After the submission of the completed application with all supporting documents, applications are assessed internally against the program criteria.

Total contribution of grant is typically evaluated by a cost per job ratio: 1:$ 20,000. Therefore, funding will be based on the total job creation vs the total EODP contribution requested.

All EODP projects are presented and approved by our Board of Directors on a monthly basis. A decision will be made within 4-8 weeks. Applicants will be notified as to whether their request is approved, declined, or missing information.

Project Process

Approved applicants will receive a Contract Agreement outlining terms, conditions, reporting requirements and funding disbursement schedule. Activity reports and claim forms will be distributed and explained with the Contract Agreement. All cost prior to the project approval date will not be eligible.

Payments are processed on a reimbursement basis once the claim documents have been submitted along with invoices and proof of payment. A claim may be submitted no more than once a month and no less than four times a year. Project may be subject to 10% hold back of total contribution amount pending the project completion and final report submission.

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