Cornwall & The Counties Community Futures Development Corporation

Approved EODP Projects 2018-2019

Business Development Stream

Ard Ri (Springfield Farm)- Apple Hill, ON
Funding Summary: This project is their Phase II of Agri-Tourism for Springfield Farm, and will continue to grow tourist visits to the Yurt and engage a new market of tourists to Apple Hill and surrounding region by creating an Organic “Field to Table” experience. This will be done through expanding available produce, renovation of existing property for more capacity, opening of an organic café selling local products and produce, and the development of a community garden/kitchen.
Outcome: Springfield Farm will operate an Organic farm with a focus on restoring, renovating and marketing the traditional family farm. By serving their own produce, working with FreshSpoke to distribute the larger proportion of their crops and allow other local chefs to rent their space for hosting events, and catering needs there will be profit from the retrofitting, and restoration of their outbuildings. Creation of 3 Jobs included in this project
Approved: May 30th, 2018
Project Cost: $323,803 / EODP $20,000

Arrowhead Development Company- Summerstown, ON
Funding Summary: The GRID project involves developing a new Blockchain application.
Outcome: GRID will transform a static system into a dynamic system that provides transparency and accountability in the subject industry. Creation of 1 Job from this project.
Approved: May 30th, 2018
Project Cost: $165,444 / EODP $20,000

Clean All Environmental Services- Cornwall, ON
Funding Summary: This project involves expansion of this local company into larger areas in Eastern Ontario through three phases, which are as follows: Phase 1 hiring of a sales team, Phase 2 all management and staff receive proper training and fully understand their role within the expansion, and Phase 3 attempting to expand their Farm Boy clientele as they are currently maintaining 14 of the 27 total.
Outcome: This project will help create multiple jobs and help drive sales. The main purpose is to create a strong foundation within management and its laborers, as well as, fabricate a dynamic sales team who will help drive the organization and create long-lasting customer relationships. The project will help grow the company to new levels and help the surrounding cities and counties along the way. Creation of eight jobs, with the opportunity of more in the future from this project.
Approved: May 30th, 2018
Project Cost: $538,300 / EODP $35,000

Dalagra Farms Inc.- Dalkeith, ON
Funding Summary: This project is their phase two, which includes the installation of a pelletizing facility for the processing, packaging of hops and storage. The hop pelletizing facility is comprised of the installation of a hop baler, pelletizing machine, large cold storage area and packaging facility. This processing facility will be used by Dalagra Farms to process and store its hops as well as provide pelletizing, packaging and storage for other hops growers/farmers in the area.
Outcome: It presents an opportunity for Dalagra Farms to provide a service, the pelletizing of agricultural products, locally that is currently unavailable. This increases the competitiveness of Dalagra Farm and its economic diversification within the agriculture industry. By decreasing reliance on cash crop products Dalagra Farms positions itself to be competitive and sustainable into the future. Creation of 1 job from this project.
Approved: May 30th, 2018
Project Cost: $143,000 / EODP $20,000

Fauxmagerie Zengarry Inc. – Alexandria, ON
Funding Summary: The project consists of three key points to meet their current challenge of managing rapid growth. Firstly, increasing production capacity by the purchase of equipment. All state-of-the-art equipment which will lead to a decrease in blending time and make the process less labour intensive and physically demanding as well as reduce time required to weigh and aliquot products by an estimated 90%. The second point to their project is hiring a production manager, sales manager and implementing a standardized training program, and the third point executing a national sales and marketing campaign.
Outcome: This Project will ensure Zengarry has the capacity to meet the rapidly growing demand across Canada, and to increase supply to larger grocery chains. This will establish Fauxmagerie Zengarry as the premier cashew cheese producer in Canada and result in significant increases in revenues. Creation of 2 jobs from this project.
Approved: May 30th, 2018
Project Cost: $184,887 / EODP $40,000

Fieldless Farms Inc. – Cornwall, ON
Funding Summary: This project is to purchase, commission and launch Fieldless Farm’s first indoor farm in Cornwall in Spring 2018 and prove the product model and mix in Summer and Fall 2018. This includes purchasing and commissioning an 18-container growing system, preparing the property for installing the growing systems, hiring and training new employees, labour to operate the indoor farm system during initial launch phase and non-cost-of-goods sold material and supplies to operate the growing system throughout 2018.
Outcome: The purpose of this project is to take the first step in ultimately being Canada’s largest indoor farm within the next three years. Provide the local economy economic diversification and economic strengthening. Plus providing the regional economy locally produced and environmentally sustainable food and produce at a large scale that is always fresh, lasts longer, safe, and of the highest nutrient quality. Creation of 10 jobs, and the opportunity for more in the future from this project.
Approved: May 30th, 2018
Project Cost: $2,412,500 / EODP $50,000

Biscuits Leclerc Ltee. – Cornwall, ON
Funding Summary: The project consists of starting a new fully automated peanut-free facility in Cornwall, ON to meet demand as their current production lines are working at more than 100% of their capacity . They will purchase a brand-new high-speed production line that can manufacture up to 1,200 bars per minute and retrofit an existing building in Cornwall.
Outcome: This project will strengthen Leclerc’s position in the market. It will increase their productivity therefore the visibility will increase as well since they will be able to better meet the growing demands of their actual and potential clients. It is also a great opportunity for Cornwall with numerous new jobs created, the potential local suppliers that they could do business with and the new technology they want to bring. Projections over the next four years of the creation of eighty jobs from this project.
Approved: May 30th, 2018
Project Cost: $9,545,000 / EODP $50,000

Olsonfab Metal Fabrication Limited – Cornwall, ON
Funding Summary: The Project consists of transforming the newly purchased building to accommodate their business needs. Expenses include design/engineering, site services, updating and adding additional electrical and mechanical requirements, machinery relocation/installation, new interior cranes complete with structural support, retrofit of the offices, flooring, walls, and required telecommunication and information technology updates. This potential investment will not only be in setting up a new facility but also in maximizing efficiencies in both locations by the implementation of new Information technology and equipment.
Outcome: In their current state, they are unable to accommodate large projects or multiple large projects at the same time due to their limited work footprint. They are at their max capacity; therefore, they have had to decline business and potential future clients. The new building will allow them to capture different target markets and give them the capability of manufacturing more & larger projects. Creation of 13 jobs from this project.
Approved: May 30th, 2018
Project Cost: $748,840 / EODP $50,000

Sevita International Corporation- Inkerman, ON
Funding Summary: This project involves a Lean consultant team implementing a “Lean transformation” by analyzing projects and processing from all areas of their business. The Sevita Lean Enterprise Transformation will provide the foundation necessary to develop and sustain a culture of operational excellence within its corporate and operational network to begin to provide its customers with maximum value at the lowest possible cost. They will develop plans and a revised set of operational procedures, performance measures, training and staff development programs to facilitate required cultural and operational change throughout the organization and achieve a defined set of operational goals.
Outcome: Implementation of the Lean Principles & Culture will reduce waste, focus on specific operational goals, create happier more productive employees who will be working in more defined roles with enhanced skills, capabilities and ability to serve the needs of their suppliers and customers more efficiently and effectively. The initiative will ensure more consistent quality and potential for better and more consistent returns for buyers and local growers for the product they bring in and increased sales and revenue. Creation of 4 jobs from this project.
Approved: May 30th, 2018
Project Cost: $438,785 / EODP $40,000

StoneCropAcres Winery and B&B – Morrisburg, ON
Funding Summary: This project involves expanding the current business with the renovation and retrofitting of an existing 40′ x 80′ on-site building to create a large event building which will house an Event Hall with a Wine Bar and an upscale Barrel Room/Conference Room.
Outcome: The events center will allow for weddings, private and corporate events as well as educational agri-food themed events. It will increase the profitability of their product-oriented business by creating a value-added agri-food tourism and event business which will also allow an expansion of their product marketing demographic beyond just visitors to the winery store and tasting room. Creation of 1 job from this project.
Approved: May 30th, 2018
Project Cost: $108,400 / EODP $20,000

Community Innovation Stream

All Things Food (Year 2 of 2)- Cornwall, ON
Funding summary: This project aims to establish the “Food and Agriculture Advisory Council” to more collaboratively and effectively address the pressing issues and opportunities if the SDG and Cornwall food and agriculture economy. The Advisory Council will stand as an extension of All Things Food, in partnership with the SDG Counties, Economic Development (City of Cornwall), the Eastern Ontario Training Board, St. Lawrence College, and other key agriculturally focused individuals and associations.
Outcome: The proposed SDG and Cornwall Food and Agriculture Board will allow food system stakeholders to better understand the issues and future of the industry in our rural areas, specifically addressing pressing value chain issues. This project will lend itself to the small-scale producers and farmers alike in order to develop strategies to reduce food waste, increase local food purchase and procurement and regional branding and marketing.
Approved: April 26th, 2017
Project Cost: $ 90,075 / EODP $ 10,000

Cornwall Innovation Centre (CIC)- Cornwall, ON
Funding Summary: The project that the CIC is undertaking is The Ontario Emerging Jobs Institute (OEJI), it is a 2-month boot camp and 3-month work placement available at no charge to Ontarians, who show the most need for emerging job training. Work placements will be offered within companies in the Cornwall Innovation Centre, in rural areas to help build and launch Agri-tech projects with local farmers, or depending on need, the CIC will place learners throughout the province to complete their work placement. They will offer a modern and innovative curriculum including: Digital Skills Training, Agri-tech Training, Business Skills Training, and a customized program for those who are looking for customized solutions (a combination of in-person and online training)
Outcome: This program will give all Ontarians access to the learning opportunities and develop the skills they need to adapt and succeed. Using current programs and curriculum, they are developing initiatives that build on the strength of education, training and employment service systems, equipping Ontario’s current and future workforce with the skills required to participate in an innovative, inclusive economy.
Approved: May 30th, 2018
Project Cost: $280,000 / EODP $30,500

Habitat for Humanity (Year 2 of 2)- Cornwall, ON
Funding summary: The organization is relocating their “ReStore” within the City of Cornwall in order to attract a greater client base. They will also be extending store hours and upstaffing. Enhancing visibility, accessibility and extending services to a larger population are the primary pillars of this project.
Outcome: This project will allow the organization to expand their services and increase revenue from the Restore, thus providing additional services to the community through their Home Build Program. They also hope to continue to create meaningful employment for community members.
Approved: April 26th, 2017
Project Cost: $ 170,000 / EODP $ 10,000

Junior Achievement- Cornwall, ON
Funding Summary: The purpose of this project is to increase funding available to support their program delivery in French and English, in Cornwall and surrounding areas. This project will continue to build entrepreneurial skills, knowledge and confidence in local youth which will drive economic development, growth and sustainability. The funding will allow them to deliver 13 one-day programs and 4 JA Company program to approximately 425 youth in Cornwall and surrounding area.
Outcome: JA programs are aligned with the Economic Development Strategic Plan in such a way that there is a focus on business development and entrepreneurship, specifically when it comes to youth engagement. JA is training the future labour force and educating students about business and opportunities within their own community.
Approved: May 30th, 2018
Project Cost: $31,766 / EODP $15,000

Launch Lab- Cornwall, ON
Funding Summary: Their objective is to support entrepreneurs and their companies in partnerships with the Cornwall & the Counties CFDC and the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre. This project is to commit to a regular schedule of client engagement, broken down into 2 areas. Firstly, they will deliver 8 monthly client engagement days (16 EIR Days), where they will engage with both new and existing businesses. Secondly, they will deliver an enhanced Amplify Program aimed at providing more in-depth service to higher potential clients (3 clients / 18 EIR Days). Launch Lab is a one-stop shop for technology based startups and growing companies.
Outcome: Their base mentorship model will provide foundational business advice to a broad spectrum of new and existing businesses, helping them establish go-to-market strategies and potentially increase number of customers, revenue, and employees.
Approved: May 30th, 2018
Project Cost: $29,000 / EODP $14,500

St. Lawrence College, Cornwall Campus- Cornwall, ON
Funding Summary: The proposal is for a one-year project to expand the Cornwall campus simulation program and capabilities. This includes the enhancement of the available equipment in the simulation labs. The project funds will be used to purchase needed additional new equipment to allow for expanded simulation within the lab and provide a potential training site for local healthcare agencies. Their lab space will be expanding to include an additional practice lab space and their current labs are being renovated to increase the number of simulation beds. Externally they will liaison with community healthcare partners to further develop these partnerships with the goal of the community partners utilizing the college simulation equipment and expertise to train employees on an ongoing basis.
Outcome: The core objectives of the proposed simulation expansion are to increase the competency and job-readiness of the local healthcare students by utilizing current, evidence-based approaches to simulation and education, as well to enhance the collaboration between SLC and regional healthcare organizations by encouraging use of faculty expertise and simulation capabilities to enhance training of area providers.
Approved: May 30th, 2018
Project Cost: $192,228 / EODP $25,000

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