About Us

The Cornwall & the Counties Community Futures Development Corporation is one of 15 Community Futures Development Corporations (CFDCs) in eastern Ontario funded by the Community Futures Program through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (Fed Dev Ontario). We deliver a wide variety of programs and services to support community economic development and small business growth. We employ local staff and are each governed by a volunteer board of directors, made up of local residents representing the community.


Serving the City of Cornwall, the Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry and Akwesasne. We work with businesses and government in promoting responsible commerce and employment opportunity.


The Cornwall Small Business Development Incorporated organization was incorporated on May 26, 1987. The office was originally located at 850 Boundary Road and was funded by Human Resources Development of Canada (HRDC).

In 1994, the Community Futures Committees were amalgamated with Business Development Centres (BDCs).

In 1995, responsibility for the Community Futures Program (CFP) was transferred from Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) to Industry Canada .The Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario (FedNor) is a business unit of Industry Canada and assumed administration of the Program for the Province of Ontario.

It is important to note that prior to the transfer, the CFP as a national program shared the same characteristics across the country. The 1995 transfer allowed regional agencies to respond more fully to the specific needs within their regions. The transfer also acknowledged that the CFP’s direction had changed over time, from a program that facilitated a labour market response to technological change and economic development to a program that facilitated economic growth, diversification, and sustainable community development.

The partnership was further strengthened in 1997 with the addition of economic development services for/ and in partnership with the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry. The office moved to 26 Pitt Street in 1999. The United Counties Economic Development office closed in Chesterville, and their director was seconded to work for the S.D. & D. CDC.

Additional funding was provided to the CFP in 2000, to ensure universal rural coverage. Between 2000 and 2005, the number of CFDCs in Ontario increased from 52 to 61, thereby ensuring all rural areas were served by the CFP.

The Corporation is currently funded by FedDev Ontario, which was created in 2009 to work with southern Ontario.

Name Change History

  • April 1989; name changed to Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Small Business Development Inc.
  • June 1995; name changed to S.D. & G. Community Development Corporation
  • June 28, 2002; name changed to S.D. & G. Community Futures Development Corporation
  • December 1, 2008; name changed to S.D. & G. Community Futures Development Corporation/Société d’aide au développement des collectivités S.D. & G.
  • March 25, 2014; name changed to Cornwall and the Counties Community Futures Development Corporation/Société d’aide au développement des collectivités de Cornwall et les comtes.