Business Communication & Productivity Tips

With the broad array of articles and self-help books available to us today, it may hardly seem necessary for the C&C CFDC to contribute to the existing fanfare around effective business communication and productivity.

Truth of the matter though, is that much of today’s writings are geared to already successful people who are rulers of their work domains or alternatively on their way to attaining that status. Recognizing that many folks are interested in tips that help them move up the corporate ladder or succeed in their businesses, we know also that many people are at the embryonic stage – looking to mobilize their business or simply interested in identifying ways that help them be more effective in performing the work before them. This article is for these people.

Whether in the form of enhanced clarity and purpose, improved outcome, or time saving, we know that businesses are interested in establishing simple business practices that yield attractive payoffs.

Simply stated, we all generally want to better manage our time. And in few instances is it more necessary than when we are starting or growing our businesses. Because the Cornwall & The Counties Community Futures Development Corporation (CFDC) encounters so many business people and witnesses some of the reasons for their success, we observe the that those who anticipate circumstances and adopt techniques such as those that follow will, all other things being equal, be advantaged in their overall performance.

  1. Use the Telephone
  2. Don’t Substitute e-mail for your own Thinking
  3. Be Clear
  4. Save and Review Your e-mail Before Sending
  5. Limit Emotion in Your Business Communications
  6. Organize and Steward Effective Meetings
  7. Keep To-Do lists Separate From Meeting Notes
  8. Adopt an Effective Records Retention Approach

Entrepreneurs and business leaders are typically blessed with an abundance of creativity, inspiration, and ingenuity. As a group, they do however tend to struggle with time management and routine. And while innate creative talent cannot be bestowed or taught, the good news is that time management can be. With a bit of organization and discipline, business people can, relying on the above tips along with others learned along the way, improve both their outcomes and their lives. Starting gradually, these techniques can be employed and perfected so as to optimize overall performance. And remember to always say what you mean, and mean what you say!