Cornwall & The Counties Community Futures Development Corporation Announces Name Change to ACCFutures

June 24th, 2021

ACCFutures is a new kind of community economic development organization. Passionate about community. Grounded in business. Committed to advancing reconciliation.
Since its formation in 1987, Cornwall & The Counties Community Futures Development Corporation (CFDC) has been growing and evolving to meet the needs of the communities it serves. With the vision for a stronger economy and community, the Board and staff wanted to expand their name to include each area it serves: The Akwesasne First Nation, Cornwall, and The Counties of Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry. As part of this vision, CFDC developed a brand to reflect their commitment to true reconciliation and economic partnership projects that benefit both Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.
Today, the work of the CFDC has expanded beyond the scope of its core Federal funding. In addition to providing business owners with advice, referrals and flexible funding solutions, it is a go-to solution for delivering community economic development supports, and much more with: – the delivery of technology adoption and implementation services – the project management of The Port Lands – the production of Indigenous community engagement guides – the delivery of cultural sensitivity and awareness training – and services to support a thriving Indigenous workforce With all these changes, it was time for a new name and a new look. One that really tells their story and the story of their clients.
Beneath the ACCFutures main brand will stand two sub-brands. The Cross Border Partnership Program has now become ACCPathways which creates “More Potential Together”, and the Technology Innovation Program, now named ACCInnovation which helps “Accelerate Your Potential”.

“This name change holds a lot of significance for the Board and the team. It is an outward representation of our commitment to this community and to reconciliation. We plan to leverage these changes to advance our mission and vision for a greater ACC region.”- Lesley Thompson, Executive Director
Over the coming months, the ACCFutures team will be busy implementing the new name and brand. They will transition by way of a phased approach, allowing for community and stakeholder-wide communications to take hold, eventually leading to an entirely new website by end of summer.

Media Contact:
Lesley Thompson
Executive Director