Application Process

It is strongly recommended that all applicants have an introductory meeting with the C&CCFDC’s Account Manager prior to completing their application so that it can be determined if in fact the application is well evolved and viable.

All requests for Financial Assistance must be made by filling out the application form.

The maximum financial assistance for loans and equity financing is $150,000. On an exceptional basis, additional financing up to $150,000 may be available, not to exceed a total of $300,000 per client.

All applications must conform with the following conditions:

  • The new or existing business “MUST” be located within Akwesasne, Cornwall or the United Counties of S.D.&G.;
  • The business “MUST” create or sustain employment in this region;
  • The applicant(s) MUST have a stable credit record.

Review Process

All loan application are presented and reviewed by the C & C CFDC’s Investment Committee (IC). A decision will typically be made within 4-8 weeks. Applicants will be notified as to whether their request is approved, declined, or deferred for more information.

The following criteria is taken into consideration when the application is reviewed:

  • Worthwhile purpose,
  • Ability to repay the loan,
  • Proven history for an established business,
  • Ability to attain financial projections submitted,
  • Qualifications of the owners, managers, and experience in business,
  • Personal investment or financial commitment in the project or business,
  • Well thought out Business Plan (BP).

A complete application must contain the following supporting documents:

  • Completed Application Form;
  • Completed Business Plan which includes: Business Profile, 3 Years Pro-forma Cash Flow Projections, Balance Sheet & Income Statement, if applicable, Current Accounts Receivable & Payable Lists;
  • Detailed Budget;
  • Most recent T1 General (Personal Tax Return) and supporting Notice of Assessment;
  • Copy of Incorporation Documents and/or Trade Name Registration;
  • Copy of Photo Identification (2) (One must be Passport or Birth Certificate);
  • Resume and related experience of owner(s) and / or senior staff;
  • $200.00 Application Fee ($150 discount for Chamber of Commerce Members);

Once a Request for Funding is approved by the IC, the C & C CFDC prepares an “Offer to Finance” in which is listed the terms and conditions of the financing offer.