Cross Border Partnership Program

Our Mission Statement

The Cross Border Partnership Program is dedicated to building stronger relationships between Akwesasne and the municipalities that surround it.

What are the Objectives/Future benefits

  1. A stronger unified voice for engaging with business and other levels of government.
  2. Stronger regional identity, relationships and sense of place.
  3. Cost savings when providing services due to higher efficiencies and less duplication.
  4. More opportunities for local business development and jobs.
  5. Ability to leverage the unique financial, human and physical capabilities of each partner
  6. Coordinated planning efforts to improve land use and land management (making room for growing populations and to attract new investors and citizens.)
  7. Coordinated planning efforts to aid in protecting resources and natural environments that are important to partner communities.
  8. A stronger knowledge of our communities through a coordinated educational effort and through community workshops.

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Simon McLinden
Project Manager CBPP