Approved RIIEO Projects 2020/2021

For Profit

Allinotte Law Office Professional Corporation – Cornwall, ON

The project consists of six areas where they would like to dramatically innovate – estates/estate planning; hardware and software; name and branding; physical space (co-working space) file storage, staffing and future employee/contractor relationships; and adding a meeting space in Glengarry. The changes to be supported by the Rural Innovation Initiative would focus on the hardware and software, helping them transition to “new law” – becoming an agile law firm taking advantage of technology and offering services in an innovative and responsive way using AI and document automation. They will be able to serve a larger volume of clients and can increase their client base to the entire province, or anyone in the world who owns property in Ontario. (Year 2 of 2)

Approved: August 15th, 2019
Amount of Funding: $25,000 Total

11820575 Canada Inc. (Chattie) – Cornwall, ON

The project aims to develop an independent mobile application for the Chattie program and build the basic artificial intelligence algorithm for a chatbot application. The new mobile application will become the primary platform to replace their current which is currently used for their delivery of educational sessions. It will significantly improve the engagement experiences for both their students and the coaches. Allowing easier on-boarding of coaches, create more dynamic interactions (providing additional course materials, additional opportunities for discussion and sharing of content), creation of peer groups and learning communities so they are able to share their learning experiences and learn from each other. Furthermore, the application will enable tracking and analysis of critical data points such as messaging frequencies and length, total interaction time, content sharing frequency and utilization rate, to evaluate learning and teaching efficiencies.

Approved: May 27th, 2020
Amount of Funding: $ 25,000 Total

MacEwen Agricentre Inc. – Maxville, ON

The project aim is to rectify a bottleneck in their manufacturing process, which is the pellet line. They require another pellet line because it cannot keep pace with current demand. The new pellet line will more than double pelleting capabilities per hour and, at the same time, increase the efficiency of the entire feed mill. The pellet line will be 20% larger than the existing line with additional horsepower. This will bring efficiencies that they cannot achieve presently.

Approved: May 27th, 2020
Amount of Funding: $25,000 Total

Seguin Financial Inc. – Cornwall, ON

This project has been created in response to a trend of a lack of technology that Seguin Financial has witnessed in the region’s small businesses and non-profit organizations. There were many organizations searching out their services while remaining completely paper-based, using a manual cash register, handwriting cheques etc. which leads to an inability to understand the profitability of one’s own business. They are proposing a project that includes specific seminars on teaching local businesses about the many modern tools available in accountant related activities, and how they can be used. The seminars will be held at locations in Akwesasne, Cornwall and the United Counties of SDG. This project not only has the potential of upgrading many local organizations to adopt innovation and technology in their day-to-day operations but also the opportunity for growth of both customers and sales for this new business in Cornwall. (Year 2 of 2)

Approved: July 16th, 2019
Project cost: $25,000 Total

SigmaPoint Technologies Inc. – Cornwall, ON

SigmaPoint is in the process of implementing state-of-the-art equipment to support advanced manufacturing. It plans to implement a state-of-the-art intelligent automatic masking and conformal coating system. This implementation will not only make SigmaPoint more competitive with the largest multi-nationals in EMS space, but have an impact on the entire Eastern Ontario Region. In short, the industry 4.0 compatible system will allow for automatic masking of protected areas and conformal coating of target areas.

Approved: January 23rd, 2020
Amount of Funding: $25,000

Fauxmagerie Zengarry Inc. – Alexandria, ON

Their project includes acting on recommendations of a recently enlisted a contractor who provided insight and guidance on using automation to streamline the production process. Including purchasing equipment including a dishwasher, electric pump, custom burger former and silicone trays. Some of the equipment required is custom, as the cashew cheese sector is still evolving, and creativity and innovative thinking is required to find solutions to production challenges (for example using a burger former with custom sized inserts to produce cheese rounds).As well as increasing their product shelf life through working with a research centre to determine the best way to extend shelf life using novel packaging techniques. This increased shelf life will reduce food waste, reduce product packaging, and allow the product to shift from frozen food to the fresh food department. With their current distribution system this automation project will allow the company to accommodate rapid growth, as the non-dairy fine cheese category moves from mainly Natural Health retailers into main-stream grocery stores.

Approved: May 27th, 2020
Amount of Funding: $25,000

Not For Profit

Cornwall & The Counties Community Futures Development Corporation (Self-Led) – Akwesasne, Cornwall, SDG, ON

Through the creation of a new position, the Technology Implementation Advisor (TIA) within a new program- Technology Innovation Program- they will work with business, not-for-profits, social enterprises and municipalities to: Determine how to leverage technology to boost sales & productivity, Prioritize & maximize their investments by selecting & integrating the right technologies, Steer their business to avoid obsolescence & remain relevant & competitive, Get ahead of the competition by differentiating themselves in the market, Leverage their company’s data & insights to make more profitable business decisions, and Improve the company’s agility in the face of changing markets & customer demands.The TIA will assess the technological capabilities of the business and determine how to leverage tech in their business. They will help to select and implement the right tech to boost sales, reduce costs and improve productivity. Finally, they will help to ensure the company’s business model continues evolving to stay competitive and relevant.

Approved: May 27th, 2020
Amount of Funding: $75,000

Launch Lab (Eastern Ontario) Inc. – Akwesasne, Cornwall, SDG, ON

Funding summary: The Project objective is to support entrepreneurs and their companies in partnership with the CFDC in order to drive prosperity and job creation throughout the region. Launch Lab’s mentorship and advisory services are driven by our Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs) who manage our client engagements. EIRs have extensive experience in sectors that include ICT, advanced manufacturing, clean/green tech, and life science/health care. Launch Lab will commit to a regular schedule of client engagement, based on regional client demand that will include: Business Acceleration Bootcamps, EIR Mentorship Program, and the Amplify Program. (Year 2 of 2)

Approved: June 13th, 2019
Amount of Funding: $25,000