Gaudet Compensating Dampers Inc.

Simply put, Martin Gaudet is passionate about developing advanced vibration dampening and shock absorbing solutions! When contacted to advance solutions to chronic load-cell failure during aircraft landing gear drop tests, Mr. Gaudet responded – by creating a new and innovative hydraulic shock-absorbing device which excels at mitigating short duration high intensity events in a robust, energy dense and mechanically adaptable package.

Faced with the short-term challenge of securing funds to acquire equipment, the foresight of recognizing the desirability of securing multiple licensing agreements through various market sectors and the prospect of morphing into an Intellectual Property Development Firm, the company approached the CFDC.

Today, as the result of a helping hand from the CFDC’s Investment Fund, the equipment is running and the company is marketing itself to manufacturers and to end users. Importantly, two new jobs have been created, while more are anticipated as awareness and sales increase.

To that end, Mr. Gaudet is currently mobilizing company resources and efforts with a view to increased market penetration – ever mindful to remain responsive and innovative.