The Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel has existed in the Village of Martintown for over 100 years, serving as social gathering place for people in the community.

In 2013, the hotel was bought by Ms. Marilyn Blackwood who completed extensive renovations and reopened in March 2014. The new and improved Grant Hotel now offers catering services, a full service restaurant, bar and entertainment venue .

A loan from the Cornwall & the Counties Community Futures Development Corporation assisted Ms. Blackwood with the cost of the renovations and the added services. The project has allowed the business to increase visibility with a new marketing strategy and create 3 new full time positions and 2 new part time positions while maintained existing employees.

At the Grand Hotel you will always find a warm welcome, good food, and excellent entertainment. Don’t forget to give Marilyn a call when you’re planning your next family gathering, party of wedding!